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Welcome to Anne's Poofy Party Page!

Welcome to my Poofy Organics party page! I've learned a lot over the last couple years, used lots of Poofy Organics' amazing products, and have reduced the toxins in my home as well as lots of my Momma-worry. So now it's PARTY TIME!

I'm so excited to share my Poofy passion and toxin-free knowledge with you!  Use my personal website to browse and read reviews and even make a wishlist, but please be sure to ***use the party website link for any purchases*** during the party.  Click on "View Party Catalog" on the party web page to start selecting items.

Check out my facebook page @anne.poofyorganics to follow my posts about the products and on the benefits of truly natural, toxin-free products.

Thanks for joining me!  Be Real! Be Green!

You can use the main website,, to view the items and product reviews more easily, but you MUST purchase from the ***party link*** in order for the purchase to count towards the party and earn rewards for the host. Use the search feature to narrow down the items, ie "lip" or "polish." Thanks!

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